Striving to record, monitor and conserve birds & wildlife found on the Sutton & Lound GP's SSSI (Idle Valley NR) since 1990.

Dragonflies May 2018

The LBC/IVNR 2018 Year List has 9 Recorded Species. The LBC/IVNR Reserve List has 19 Recorded Species

Report Updated to Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Monday 21st. There were (17) Banded Demoiselle, (2) Large Red Damselfly, c60 Azure Damselfly, c170 Common Blue Damselfly, (10) Four-spotted Chaser and a single female Black-tailed Skimmer which was an LBC & IVNR Reserve addition. All species were recorded around the Reserve. (Phil Cadman, Ian Hunt)

Sunday 20th.  There were (3) Large Red Damselfly, (2) Red-eyed Damselfly, (5) Azure Damselfly (not quite got the hang of identifying this specie yet), there was an estimated number of 850 Common Blue Damselfly, that were noted, (12) Blue-tailed Damselfly, (5) Hairy Dragonfly and (3) Four-spotted Chaser, that were all noted around the Northern end of the reserve. (Phil Cadman)

Monday 14th. There were (9) Banded Demoiselle, (it was a first Reserve record of 2018), a single Large Red Damselfly (another first Reserve record of 2018), a single Azure Damselfly, (24) Common Blue Damselfly, (10) Blue-tailed Damselfly, (yet another first Reserve record of 2018) and (3) Hairy Dragonfly. They were all recorded around the reserve. (Phil Cadman, Ian Hunt, Andy Bell)

Sunday 13th. Melanie Newman recorded the first LBC & IVNR Four-spotted Chaser of 2018 in the 'Chainbridge Wood NR'

Thursday 10th. There were (5) Teneral Common Blue Damselfly, that were noted and a single Hairy Dragonfly around the 'Chainbridge Pit' and Scrape area. (Phil Cadman, Ian Hunt).

Tuesday 8th. There was a single Hairy Dragonfly that was observed in flight around 'Chainbridge Pit'. (Tony Tomlinson)

Monday 7th There were a pair of Hairy Dragonfly that were recorded in 'Chainbridge Wood NR'. (Pete Rose)

Sunday 6th. There was a single Hairy Dragonfly that was recorded by Ian Hunt around the 'Water Ski Pit', (it was a first Reserve record of 2018). (Dave and Sue Came, Ian Hunt)

Thursday 3rd There was a single teneral Common Blue Damselfly, that was recorded in flight and at rest on the western side of 'Bellmoor Lake'(it was a first Reserve record of 2018). (Phil Cadman, Ian Hunt)

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