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Bird Sightings - June 2013

Sunday 30th June

Tiln (Broom Wood) - The MELODIOUS WARBLER (170) is still present at 7:30am today. Neatholme Scrape - Single RED KITE (IC,GMa) flew south west over here at 9:27am and was independently seen and later photographed by another birder/photographer at 09:47am as it flew first over Lound village and along Daneshill Road towards the A638 at Torworth where it was eventually lost to view. (Birdguides, I.Cowgill, G.Matheson)


Red Kite Milvus milvus - over Lound/Daneshill Road, 30th June 2013. ©Gary Matheson

Saturday 29th June

Tiln (Broom Wood) - The MELODIOUS WARBLER (170) is still present today. Bellmoor Lake - Single 'first-summer' male Common Scoter still present. (Birdguides, @IVNRSightings)

Friday 28th June

Tiln (Broom Wood) - The MELODIOUS WARBLER (170) is still present today. Bellmoor Lake - Single 'first-summer' male Common Scoter present here at 14:15pm. Chainbridge NR Scrape - A total of 12 male Red-crested Pochard plus a female with 6 ducklings plus 1 Little Egret and 2 Curlew. (Birdguides, I.Cowgill, D.Mannifield)

Local News

Misson - A pair of Spotted Flycatchers have bred in a nest box in a garden bordering Slaynes Lane in Misson. (via D.Mannifield)

Thursday 27th June

Tiln (Broom Wood) - The MELODIOUS WARBLER (170) is still present today. (Birdguides)

Wednesday 26th June

Tiln (Broom Wood) - The MELODIOUS WARBLER (170) is still present being reported from 07:00am and until 18:00pm at least. (BirdGuides)

Tuesday 25th June

The Melodious Warbler continues to attract visitors from far and wide. A 'probable' Golden Oriole noted again. 

Tiln (Broom Wood) - The singing MELODIOUS WARBLER (170) was still present throughout the day showing well and was still present at 16:40pm at least. Chainbridge Pit - Single 'probable' GOLDEN ORIOLE (171) (DM) sang briefly from area c500 yards south of Chainbridge Lane at 14:45pm but was not heard again and observer had to leave the site. (S.Davenport, D.Mannifield, BirdGuides)

Monday 24th June

Belated report of a possible singing Golden Oriole in the Broom Wood/Bolham Wood area today.

Tiln (Broom Wood) - The singing MELODIOUS WARBLER (170) was still present throughout the day showing well in better conditions. Also here, a belated report of a possible briefly 'singing' GOLDEN ORIOLE (171) (RH) in the Broom Wood area today. (Birdguides, R.Harrington)

Video of the Melodious Warbler at Broom Wood. For a better viewing experience change the video quality by clicking the gear symbol along the bottom and selecting 720p. Shared with us by DonnyBirder (Steve Furber) via YouTube. ©Steve Furber

 Sonogram recording of the Melodious Warbler by Lincolshire birder Graham Catley. Used with permission. ©Graham Catley

Sunday 23rd June

Tiln (Broom Wood) - The singing MELODIOUS WARBLER (170) was still present throughout the day but windy conditions have certainly hampered viewing with the bird generally keeping low down and singing regularly again. Also here today, Green Woodpecker, 1 Grey Heron, Buzzard, 1 Great Tit, several Willow Warblers, Chiffchaff in the woodland and singing Goldcrest along the track near Tiln Lane. Walters Lane Pit - Single Black-tailed Godwit and 2 Curlew late afternoon until flushed by a tractor. (P.Hobson, G.Hobson, S.Davenport, @IVNRSightings)

Saturday 22nd June

The bird still widely reported as a Melodious Warbler is still present today though some locals are not sure of the ID. It has both pro features of either species, pale wing panel and grey looking legs but has shorter than would be expected primary projection for Icterine Warbler and its song is more typical of Melodious. Some observers limited experience of either of these birds or their song has played a key part in this but we can bow to the greater experience of others. It may be that this is a Melodious Warbler so this will become a first county record if accepted as such and in some cases even a 'lifer' for a few. Check out this excellent image here of the bird on Rare Bird Alert Gallery   

Tiln (Broom Wood) - The singing MELODIOUS WARBLER (170) was still reported as present at 7.40am and was reported regularly (though elusive generally) throughout the day up until early evening at least. Also here, 1 male Bullfinch, pair of Green Woodpeckers, 1 Treecreeper, family party of Coal Tits, Goldcrest, Mistle Thrush, Buzzard, singing Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Whitethroat, Reed Bunting and Skylark. Walters Lane Pit - Single Curlew and Black-tailed Godwit here today. Chainbridge NR Scrape (East) - Single immature male Marsh Harrier over. Tiln North (Restoration Area) - Single male Peregrine bathing at lake edge. (Birdguides, P.Cottam, C.Cornish)

Friday 21st June

Can we please ask that all birders visiting this site should please adhere to your news service providers instructions regarding access along the single track Tiln Lane, in making sure you are parking safely and not blocking any gated entrances and keeping where possible to public rights of way at all times as this is private land off the main public paths. Lound Bird Club Members can find important details about access to the Broom Wood area and viewing the warbler on the members page.  

Tiln (Broom Wood) - The singing MELODIOUS WARBLER (170) which is know widely posted on all national bird news services has again been showing on and off here (sometimes very well) from 5:00am until early evening at least.

Doubt's over the initial ID of Icterine Warbler have surfaced (in better viewing conditions) today and its now being touted as a definite Melodious Warbler or even possibly an intergrade? Some great images of the bird are also now surfacing on both Surfbirds and Birdguides and notably the excellent images taken by Mark Sterland. Click here for image. Also the birds song and mimicry is apparently more typical of Melodious Warbler and certain ID features could also indicate Melodious including a shorter looking primary projection beyond the tip of the longest tertial. The wing panel can also be seen in either species. Its obvious use of high song perches does also indicate Melodious with Icterine apparently being rather skulking in behaviour.  If you have any images you would like to share here then please send them to via loundbirdclub@btinternet.com

Whatever species the bird is, it will be testament to the keen eye of the finder, local birder, Darren (Daz) Housman who has himself also found several other major local rarities including the Broad-billed Sandpiper and bye do we all need to thank him for that one. 


Melodious Warbler Hippolais icterina/pollyglotta - Broom Wood, Tiln, 21st June 2013. ©Tony Tomlinson

Also noted here today were 1 female Sparrowhawk, several Willow Warblers, Whitethroat and Chiffchaff, 2 Barn Owls, 1 Green Woodpecker, 2 Mistle Thrush, 2 Buzzard and 1 Cuckoo. Tiln North (Restoration Area) - Up to 8 Red-crested Pochard plus female Marsh Harrier quartering the eastern edge. Chainbridge Wood NR - Single Hobby over wood hawking insects. Walters Lane Pit - Single Black-tailed Godwit still present. (D.Mannifield, T.Tomlinson, I.Cowgill, G.Hobson)

Thursday 20th June

Tiln (Broom Wood) - A singing MELODIOUS WARBLER (170) was first noted here from mid-afternoon today and was still present showing well despite the poor weather this evening. A full description and photo's will be submitted to the Nottinghamshire Bird Recorder and if accepted as Icterine it will become only the second record for Nottinghamshire, the only previously accepted record was of a male, in song at Colwick on 13th July 1945 (Brit. Birds 39: 148). If it is indeed a Melodious Warbler it will be a first county record! Also here, a pair of Willow Warblers noted feeding young. Tiln Fishery - Single Grasshopper Warbler noted again in hedgerow south of the main lake. Chainbridge Wood NR - Single female Marsh Harrier over hear and onto Clayworth Common. Bellmoor Lake - Single Barn Owl hunting in front of Rural Learning Centre at dusk.  (D.Housman, D.Mannifield, A.Shooter, G.Hobson, P.Hobson)

Wednesday 19th June

Walters Lane Pit - Single Black-tailed Godwit, Green Sandpiper and Redshank reported here today. Clayworth Common (Conservation Lake) - Two Hobby hunting over here in afternoon. Tiln Fishery - Single Grasshopper Warbler noted in hedgerow south of the main lake. (V.Giles, A.Shooter, D.Mannifield, D.Housman, Aland and Pauline Bradford)

Tuesday 18th June

Bellmoor Lake - Three Wigeon (inc 1 male), 200 Tufted Duck (including a female with 10 young), 4 Red-crested Pochard, a total of 47 juvenile Black-headed Gulls noted in the colony, 3 Oystercatcher, 1 Common Tern, 5 Pochard, 1 male Teal, 11 Lesser Black-backed Gulls (inc two pairs with 2 young each), a pair of Reed Bunting plus singing birds noted including 4 Sedge Warbler, 4 Willow Warbler, 2 Whitethroat and 2 Blackcap. River Idle (Bellmoor) - Singing Cuckoo, Blackcap and Sedge Warbler. Bellmoor Ponds - Single singing birds noted including Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Whitethroat. Bunker Wood - Singing birds including 3 Whitethroat, 2 Willow Warbler, 2 Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Sedge Warbler, Garden Warbler and Cuckoo. Tiln Pits - Up to 7 Little Grebe including pairs with 1 and 2 small chicks, 4 Great Crested Grebe including a pair with 2 medium sized young plus single singing Blackcap and Sedge Warbler. (M.Fitzsimmons)

Monday 17th June

Neatholme Fen - Single Marsh Harrier being mobbed by crows at 11.30am. (A.Bradford, P.Bradford)

Sunday 16th June

Walters Lane Pit - Four Redshank and 2 Lapwings with 4 chicks. Bellmoor Lake (Area) - Four Oystercatcher, 3 Blackcap, 2 Garden Warbler, 2 Linnet, 1 Goldcrest, 1 Coal Tit with 4 recently fledged young, 1 Willow Warbler with 2 fledged young plus numerous Chiffchaff around. (M.Guest, K.Wilson)

Friday 14th June

Walters Lane Pit - Three Oystercatcher and 1 Turtle Dove on wires. Chainbridge NR Scrape (East) - Three male Red-crested Pochard and 4 Oystercatcher (inc 2 juvs). Tiln North (Restoration Area) - Three Oystercatcher (inc 1 juv) plus 2 Buzzard. Clayworth Common - Three Buzzard over. Clayworth Common (Conservation Lake) - Two Oystercatcher. Neatholme Scrape - Three Common Tern. Neatholme Fen - Single Cuckoo. Wildgoose Farm - Two Buzzard in area. Blaco (Fields) - Three Oystercatcher (inc 1 juv) present plus up to 4 Buzzard in northern areas. Blaco Pits - Single male Red-crested Pochard. (T.Tomlinson)

Reed Bunting Emberiza schoeniclus - Juvenile at Wildgoose Farm, 14th June 2013. ©Tony Tomlinson

Saturday 8th to Thursday 13th June

No news reported via e-mail or text.

Friday 7th June

Windsurf Pool Field - Single female Marsh Harrier overhead getting mobbed by Corvids. Neatholme Fen - Lesser Whitethroat calling. (M. Warne)

Thursday 6th June

Walters Lane Pit - Single Hobby overhead and 3 Ringed Plover. Neatholme Scrape - Single Black Tern at 16:50pm plus a Marsh Harrier here at 19.50pm this evening. (P & J Rose, I.Cowgill)

Wednesday 5th June

No sign of the Lesser Scaup today despite extensive searching of area.

Neatholme Scrape -  Single male Pintail, 2 Common Tern and 1 Black Tern here at 19:20pm. Neatholme Fen - Single Common Tern. Neatholme Lane - Single Turtle Dove calling from wires. Tiln North (Restoration Area) - Two Yellow Wagtails. Chainbridge NR Scrape - Single adult summer Black Tern at 15:30pm which soon relocated to Chainbridge Pit and presumably to Neatholme Scrape by mid evening. Chainbridge Pit - Two Common Tern and 1 Black Tern. Clayworth Common (Conservation Lake) Two Redshank still. Walters Lane Pit - A pair of Shelduck with 8 small young. (P.J.Freeman, I.Cowgill, P.Harrison)

Tuesday 4th June

Neatholme Scrape - A probable 'first-summer' male LESSER SCAUP (IC) (169) was present initially in NE corner of scrape from early am. The bird was observed with Tufted Ducks and was still present and now showing well in SE corner of scrape by late afternoon. The bird was viewable from the bend in the River Idle opposite Neatholme Scrape and this evening the bird was again in the NE corner hauled out on eastern shoreline, in better light conditions and viewed from Neatholme Lane. If accepted this will become the second record for the site, the first being a first-summer male on 22nd-23rd April 1990, the third British record at that time.


©Ian Cowgill

Neatholme Scrape - Addition sightings here include 4 Common Tern, 3 male Red-crested Pochard and 1 male Pintail. Neatholme Fen - Two male Red-crested Pochard and 2 Turtle Dove on wires. Blaco (Fields) - Four Oystercatcher including 2 juveniles and 1 Green Woodpecker. Blaco Pits - Two male Red-crested Pochard. Tiln North (Restoration Area) - Two Little Ringed Plover, 1 Hobby, 3 Common Tern and up to 4 Buzzard. Clayworth Common (Conservation Lake) - Two Redshank.  Chainbridge Pit - Three Buzzard. Chainbridge NR Scrape - Two Hobby. (I.Cowgill, T.Tomlinson, B. Featherstone, D.Mannifield)

Monday 3rd June

No reports via E-mail.

Sunday 2nd June

Chainbridge Lane - Up to 3 Hobby hunting dragonfly over here at midday plus Kestrel on wires. Hawthorn Lane - Single Hobby over here. Clayworth Common (Conservation Lake) - Single Redshank and 2 Oystercatcher. Chainbridge NR Scrape - Single Cuckoo. Walters Lane Pit - Four Shelduck and 1 Oystercatcher. Neatholme Scrape - Three Great Crested Grebe. Linghurst Wood - Pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers feeding young in a nest, 2 Green Woodpecker, 2 Turtle Dove, 2 Jay, 1 Kestrel, 2 Chiffchaff, several Whitethroat, 2 Song Thrush, 5+ Garden Warbler, 5+ Blackcap, 5+ Willow Warbler. Parish Park - Single male 'Aythya Hybrid' noted with Pochard and Tufted Duck, presumably the regularly returning 'Lesser Scaup' type Pochard x Tufted Duck. Also here, 15+ Pochard (inc 2 females), a male Wigeon, 2 Little Grebe. Bellmoor Lake - A 'twitter' report of 3 COMMON CROSSBILL (via @IdleBirder) near footbridge then flew toward/behind Tarmac offices at 1:20pm. Also here, single male Red-crested Pochard, 4 Oystercatcher, 1 Garden Warbler, 1 Reed Warbler, 2 Treecreeper heard calling, 2 Buzzard, 1 Grey Heron, 2 Shelduck and 1 Sparrowhawk over. Bellmoor (Bunker Wood) - 3 Reed Warbler, 1 Sedge Warbler and 1 Sparrowhawk. Bellmoor Fishing Ponds - Up to 3 Reed Warbler. (P.Cottam, S.Davenport, G.Hobson, A.Bell, @IdleBirder)

Saturday 1st June

Chainbridge NR Scrape - Up to 3 Hobby over here this afternoon plus 1 Buzzard. Chainbridge Pit - Two Turtle Dove. Clayworth Common (Conservation Lake) - Single Redshank. Short Rotation Coppice - Single Sparrowhawk this evening. Walters Lane - Single Cuckoo here then flew over Sheep Fields. Neatholme Lane - Single Lesser whitethroat at junction with Cross Lane plus Turtle Dove on wires. Neatholme Fen - Single first-summer Common Tern. Cross Lane - Single Cuckoo. Mattersey Priory - Single female Marsh Harrier and Hobby just south of here this morning (P.J.Freeman, D.Evans, D.Mannifield, @IdleBirder