Striving to record, monitor and conserve birds & wildlife found on the Sutton & Lound GP's SSSI (Idle Valley NR) since 1990.

Butterflies Oct 2018

The 2018 Year List stands at 25 Recorded Species. The Reserve List has 29 Recorded Species


Report up to Tuesday, 30 October 2018


Monday 29th. There was a single Small Copper, that was recorded in flight along the edge of 'Bunker Wood', it replaced the latest ever Reserve sighting which was October 22nd 2018. (Phil Cadman, Ian Hunt)

Monday 22nd. There were (4) Speckled Wood, (2) Peacock and a single Small Copper, (which was the latest ever sighting of this specie at Lound replacing the previous date of October 18 2010), all sightings were recorded around the Northern part of the Reserve. (Phil Cadman, Ian Hunt)

Sunday 21st. There were (2) Peacock, (2) Speckled Wood and (2) Small Tortoiseshell, that were all noted nectaring on flowers in the garden of the Blaco Farm and Cottages. (Ken Wilson)

Tuesday 16th. There were (4) Speckled Wood and (5) Small Tortoiseshell, that were recorded around the reserve. (Phil Cadman, Ian Hunt, Tony Tomlinson, Vic Giles, Ken Wilson.)

Tuesday 9th. There were singles of Large White and Brimstone, (19) Speckled Wood, (2) Red Admiral, (3) Small Tortoiseshell and (2) Comma. (Tony Tomlinson, Ken Wilson)

Friday 5th There were (2) Large White, (20) Speckled Wood, (3) Red Admiral, and a single Comma, that were recorded. (Tony Tomlinson, Ken Wilson)