Striving to record, monitor and conserve birds & wildlife found on the Sutton & Lound GP's SSSI (Idle Valley NR) since 1990.

Dragonflies 2018

The LBC/IVNR 2018 Year List has 16 Recorded Species. The LBC/IVNR Reserve List has 19 Recorded Species

Report Updated to Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Monday 29th. There were (4) Common Darter that were recorded along the 'River Idle track'. (Phil Cadman, Ian Hunt)

Friday 26th There was a single Migrant Hawker, that was photographed in situ on the 'Neatholme Fen' footpath. (Ken Wilson)

Monday 22nd There was a single Brown Hawker, that was noted in flight it replaced the latest ever recorded specie at Lound, which October 17 2012, also noted were a total of (23) Common Darter of which 13 were female. (Phil Cadman, Ian Hunt)

Tuesday 16th. There were (23) Common Darter which included 16 males, which were recorded around the reserve, (Tony Tomlinson, Ken Wilson, Vic Giles)

Tuesday 9th. There were (4) Migrant Hawker and (64) Common Darter, which included (57) male. (Tony Tomlinson, Ken Wilson)

Friday 5th There was a single Migrant Hawker and (34) Common Darter that included (18) male that were recorded (Tony Tomlinson, Ken Wilson)