Striving to record, monitor and conserve birds & wildlife found on the Sutton & Lound GP's SSSI (Idle Valley NR) since 1990.

Moths in Flight this week. The following species are all expected to be on the wing or in hibernation around the Lound/IVNR reserve at this time of the year and includes Moths that have been trapped as well as day time flyers.  This list is based on the Moths recorded in the current week which is taken from the Lound Moths Database.  The number to the right is the recorded numbers. The idea to add this to the Lound Bird Club Web Site came from viewing the Yorkshire Moths Website http://www.yorkshiremoths.info/

WEEK 46 : NOV12-18No's
15.0100 Caloptilia stigmatella (White-triangle Slender)71
32.0181 Agonopterix heracliana/cilella agg. (Common/Large Carrot Flat Body agg.)33
70.1070 Epirrita dilutata (November Moth)21
19.0140 Acrolepia autumnitella (Bittersweet Smudge)9
32.0310 Agonopterix alstromeriana (Brown-spot Flat-body)6
70.2440 Colotois pennaria (Feathered Thorn)4
32.0170 Agonopterix arenella (Brindled Flat-body)3
73.1940 Conistra vaccinii (The Chestnut)2