Striving to record, monitor and conserve birds & wildlife found on the Sutton & Lound GP's SSSI (Idle Valley NR) since 1990.

IVNR Lepidoptera Study Group

The Lound Moth Group started Odonata and Lepidoptera recording around the Lound Bird Club Recording area and the Idle valley Nature Reserve in 2010, currently we have a small number of enthusiasts that record species.
We have two Robinson Moth Traps, a 125w MV light on Tripod and an Actinic Heath 6W Trap. We also visit the site regularly in the day time to search for daytime flying Species.
We are indebted to all people that send in their sightings, we are also heavily reliant on Trevor & Dylis Pendleton, http://www.eakringbirds.com/  who confirm all of our potential Reserve Additions. We have also received advice and help from the County Recorders, Richard Rogers, Dave Goddard, Dr Sheila Wright and Dave Budworth and from Sean Foote @UKMothIdentification on Twitter.
Our thanks to the Lound Parish Council for allowing us access to Linghurst lakes and to Mrs Maureen Holgate for the use of the Neatholme Lane gate key. We are also indebted to the Nott's Wildlife Trust who provide us with Moth Trapping Permits, gate keys and access to the Reserve.
Wednesday September 6th 2017, the group caught at light the first Nott's record of a 72.0760 Catocala fraxini (Clifden Nonpareil) around the Neatholme Scrape. A full report by Trevor & Dylis Pendleton can be found here.http://www.eakringbirds.com/eakringbirds2/mothsclifdennonpareil.htm
The Current reserve List totals are
Moths 630. Butterflies 29 and Dragonflies 19

If anyone is interested in joining us and helping out with any future trapping sessions please contact either of the following:-

Ian Hunt or Phil Cadman - LoundMoths@sky.com

Next Moth Trapping Sessions -

Tuesday Evening July 31 2018 meet at the entrance gate to the Idle Valley Visitors Centre at 21:15

Probably Friday Evening  Aug 3 2018 venue to be decided dependant on the weather