Striving to record, monitor and conserve birds & wildlife found on the Sutton & Lound GP's SSSI (Idle Valley NR) since 1990.

Moths December 2018

The Year List stands at 422 Recorded Species. The Reserve List has 642 Recorded Species

The Daneshill Lakes NR Year List stands at 0 Recorded Species. The Daneshill Lakes Reserve List has 61 Recorded Species.

Our Thanks to Trevor and Dilys Pendleton of Eakringbirds.com, Tim Sexton (Attenborough NWT Reserve Manager), Sean Foote (UK Moth Identification Twitter), Dave Budworth the Nott's Micro County Recorder, Martin Gray, the Lincolnshire County Moth Recorder who are responsible for Determination by Genitalia Examination (gen. det.) and to Dr Sheila Wright the Nott's Macro County Recorder, all have assisted in the identification/verification of all the new Lound/IVNR Moth Species.

Friday 14th. There was a single 70.1060 Operophtera brumata (Winter Moth), that was disturbed whilst Scrub Clearing on 'Neatholme Scrape'. (Phil Cadman, Ian Hunt. Tony Tomlinson, Vic Giles)

Friday 7th The unidentified Micro that was caught in the 'Visitors Centre' by Melanie Newman has now been determined by Genitalia Examination (gen. det.) by Dave Budworth the Nott's and Derby's County Micro Moth Recorder, it has been named as 62.0630 Ephestia kuehniella (Mediterranean Flour Moth), which is the first record for VC56 the Nott's Recording Area and of Course for the IVNR/LBC Recording Area.

Wednesday 5th. The recent influx of 70.1060 Operophtera brumata (Winter Moth), sightings continued when (c40) were recorded in flight around the footpath to the 'Viewing Screen' on the Eastern side of the 'Visitors Centre'. (Melanie Newman)