Striving to record, monitor and conserve birds & wildlife found on the Sutton & Lound GP's SSSI (Idle Valley NR) since 1990.

Year List Competition 2011

The Final Year List Table - 2011
1Ian Cowgill8990110141148149152161163167170170
2Daz Housman8392108133143144146154159161165165
2Pete Freeman97101113138145145150155159161164165
4Bill Hurst000111141141148156159159164164
4Ian Hunt8391100132143146147154157158163164
4Phil Cadman9298109134145147148155157158163164
7Andy Shooter859394118136136142147154158163163
8Dave Read929698115136136136151154159161161
9Martin Warne7189106133142142145149152153157159
10Des Roberts7686101108132132134139144146151151
11Gary Hobson80878888127127127140143146148149
11Roy Revill000110128128133137143143145149
13Jason King5587102128132132132140141144144144
14Calum King547992118124124124133134135135135
15Dave Bateman787878105116116116116116116116116
16Tim Carter000092929292949696109
17Derick Evans797979798181818181818181
18Richard Doan677575757575757575757575
19Amanda Nicholson00000000007373
20Allen Ollerenshaw353535565656565666666666

A combined total of 175 species recorded by competition entrants thus far this year.

The following 13 additional species have also been noted during 2011.
Several passage Tree Pipits (RSt,MDa,DP)
Single Goshawk (DC,SC)
A calling Marsh Tit (PL)
Three Gannet (TT,DP)
A calling only Firecrest (PH)
A probable calling but with only a brief sighting of a Common Rosefinch (IC)
Single Rock Pipit (PH)
Single Jack Snipe (TH,JT)
A Kittiwake
A Quail
A Iceland Gull
A Glaucous Gull
A second-hand report of a flyover Lapland Bunting (PP).
Making a potential year list of 188 species if all acceptable. 
A single reported 'white-winged' Gull (AS) species was not tied to a species so cannot be included in these totals.
Escaped birds of note were Gyr Falcon and Ferruginous Buzzard, both owned by the falconer based at Wetlands Animal Park.